whipsaw in a day’

Is the Whipsaw trail a good day trip ?

A few weeks ago Josh sent me a messaging saying Cassidy had sent him a message asking if he wanted to do Whipsaw in a week and only for a day trip, and we were kind of hesitant as the last time we did it we did it in 3 days, mind you we were camping haha, but none the less it took us 3 days. So I said fuck it lets go! what’s the worst that could happen, Josh was just scared he’d have the most “incapable truck” yet he’s fully locked on 37’s hahahah

The following Friday I went to Josh’s slept on the couch and at 5:15am we were out the door off to the races! We met up with Cassidy and a few others at the local store and 3 hours later we were on the trailhead to start our adventure!

So is Whipsaw a good day trip ? I would say Absolutely Yes! although it is a longer day it is completely doable in a day while not being so rushed or missing any obstacles. Unfortunately the bugs were absolutely HORRIBLE so we didn’t get to hang out or have a bbq like originally planned as, as soon as we opened up the door and got out of the vehicle we had a legit 3 minutes to do whatever we got to do before the mosquitos sensed our smells and started to ATTACK. I still have mosquito bites on my body hahahahha, I would say it takes about 6 hours to do the trail which we didn’t rush but also didn’t have lunch so give yourself 8 and if nothing major breaks that’ll give you the time necessary to do the trail! there are some pretty decent obstacles but everything has a bypass which is pretty cool about the trail!

I’d say Its a good trip and everyone who 4×4’s should experience it one day as theirs lots of lakes, good views and wilderness to absorb!

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