The Rod-father Lloyd G

Well I don’t really know where to start here but Lloyd has been apart of hot rodding from way before my time, has brought NUMEROUS people into cars, customizing, and wheeling and dealing. probably one of the most well known people around! he still thinks he’s 27 and that’s all that matters.   last night I had to pick up a few parts for the 54 as one time long ago it was his so I brought my camera with me and snapped some pictures.. eventually i’ll have to do a proper feature or article.. what ever you want to call it but for now here’s a little bit of our trip! PPA_4345PPA_4344PPA_4363PPA_4364PPA_4388PPA_4365PPA_4391PPA_4342PPA_4381PPA_4366PPA_4358PPA_4396PPA_4397PPA_4401PPA_4368

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