chops a hoy’

       part deuce. last night I went past the Japhands compound again and well what more can I say then we got a lot done. went for a cruise in the hotrod down to the A&W and unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera because not only did we make a lordco pit stop but it’s already pretty tight so unfortunately no selfies with the rod but hey.. there will be some shitty selfies one day. Karl got the front A billars and B pillars almost done and all metal finished and well lots more to go.PPA_1840rough roof line how how flowy the rear slanted window is going to be. RTW_9878bee pillar all metal finished! RTW_9875PPA_1850RTW_9881PPA_1843PPA_1845PPA_1847Benny out here doing his mechanic stuffRTW_9883 

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