chop top, dirty thot.

So last night my brother and I headed over to see karl at Japhands Kustoms to help him, and learn how to chop on a 50 merc 4 door. one of the coolest dudes I know and there will probably be alot of posts about us there because frankly we’re there lots, and in 20 years when we look back at these posts from archives ago we can be like dam we were young.

some will say the chop isn’t enough, and some will say it needs a section, and way more body modifications like myself. but this car will be driving around a family of 5 so somtimes more isn’t always better.

PPA_1808RTW_9827PPA_1812PPA_1819precision is keyRTW_9833RTW_9830PPA_1824Karl making sure all of the body tape lines are the same ready to cut.RTW_9848creating the first coach built 50 Merc convertible.RTW_9850Top placed on and taking shape.PPA_1826

where will life bring the peperoni’s next ?

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