The Moto show of 1

Well, what a weekend it was. leave Vancouver at 6 am, saturday and get to Portland just after noon to meet up with some homies for lunch! Met up with some people that I haven’t seen in a while as well as some that I’ve met through social media and finally met face to face! having come home Sunday it was short and sweet! here’s some photos of bikes that caught my eye at the show, it’s definitely a party show rather than my taste of bike show! _RC27367_RC27335_RC27366_RC27351_RC27390_RC27358_RC27371_RC27331_RC27302_RC27288_RC27290_RC27294_RC27293_RC27308_RC27299_RC27297_RC27307_RC27305_RC27255_RC27263_RC27271_RC27284_RC27258_RC27283_RC27278_RC27272_RC27249_RC27245_RC27275_RC27281

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