Right place, Right time

so what a busy weekend so far and tonight’s going to be another late one. BUT… some times you’re in the right place at the right time and this was one of them. I believe everything happens for a reason but then at the same time I also believe that everything that happens in life does so because something that you have done previously .. they kind of contradict themselves but at the same time work hand in hand.. anyways Started the weekend off with buying another LS for my pickup truck, the mileage is just killing me right now.. so go from 11 mpg up to 16-17 and it will be affordable to drive again haha. after that I helped Johno bring a 5m from one shop to another and we ended up at serial 9. asked what they were up to as the night was still young ( 8 pm ) said we’re doing some warehouse drifting wanna snap pics ? I didn’t even get to reply as I was already on my way to my truck to rush home and grab all of my gear! just shows everything you do leads to somewhere whether you were planning on going there or not.. but last night I was at the right place at the right time!¬† I’m pretty happy with the results as it’s got more of a professional feel but still some lifestyle in there which is exactly what i’m going for. when I go out to take pictures or “galavanting” I am trying to give the feel like you’re there and slowly but surely i’m getting better at it! but here are the pictures of the night! it was a blast and I hope to get out and do more! even though winter is coming, you gotta keep on attrrr’ happy thanks giving!


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