who needs sleep ?

so my buddies sister calls and is like ” hey wanna go to a concert ” and of course I replied yes until she stated it was in Seattle… and all I said was, “who needs sleep”, so on our ways we went! worked through break and lunch to scoot off a bit earlier and luckily I did as a semi had flipped across the bridge.  so there goes someone watching me again haha. We finally got to the venue after hours of traffic but it was ALL worth it. what a show! Green day absolutely killed it. from the way they interacted with the audience, to the way they sounded live. hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to. The 8 hour drive there and back was well worth it!.. though there was a rude awakening with only having 2 hours sleep before work started.. but hey, you only live once, sleep when you’re dead.



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