shop rod with a bit of Zahh

well last night what a Cufluckle of a night. way to much stuff to do and way to busy to do the stuff that we actually have to do.. but always we got er’ done! we had to bring a pinball machine from my parents place to karls so adam could take it and half way there one of the main stainless trim pieces flew off into thin air and we had to go galavanting a  mile or so on the side of the highway to eventually find it only sort of fucked.. maybe ran over once or twice instead of completely destroyed … but it’s salvagable so that was good and then we finally got to the shop and testing out my new camera … finally went fullframe. everything just sort of fell into place and Gaelen and I made a deal and there I got it. I can’t tell if my d7100 was sharper or maybe its just the 24MP compacted into such a small picture that it gives the illusion that it’s sharper. .. although light is a contributing factor the colors and feels of the pictures that this camera brings is pretty nostalgic and the right feeling that i was aiming for. most of these pictures are right off the camera which in my eyes is amazing considering for the most part I usually spend about 2-5 minutes each to get the right look.  only time will tell. I have a week to decide. haha
today we’re off to MURICA .. so see what that brings us! haha.


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