Party of Xmas Bcrwd rip.

I think I’ve been in the scene of bcrwd for about 8  years or so… I can still remember the first time dimoff showed up my house with Kiernan and Jason to go streeting. before I even knew what a 240 was, a single slammer was the way to roll and a welded diff was the only thing not stock.  Fast forward to now and it was the first time I’d actually attend a Bcrwd Christmas party! and I can say it is exactly what you’d think it would be. A bunch of grown up men with a 12 year old mind set that just love cars, fucking around, and acting like goofs. There was a way bigger turnout than anticipated which lead us to split the entire group throughout the restaurant but we still had a good time! afterwords led to some shinanigans and hanging out with a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in forever! Cheers to Ahras for the entire organization of the party and Goodvibes for all their local support!



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