when a train comes, take advantage!

so this morning we towed the squarebody to the farm as I sold it to kyle and well.. I forgot to take pictures ahhaha, oh well. but then on the way to johno’s shop we hit a train so well the lighting was pretty good and I got out and took some pictures lol.  Come another couple weeks the 64 should be sold so that leaves me with the 59, 54, and 30 ford coupe. and to be honest.. it’s the first time in my life that I won’t have several projects and money thrown everywhere hahaha. I’ll have one daily driver, one burnout fuck around machine and then the full on end game project.. which will just break necks. It’ll be cool to do one nice thing for once as I’m slowly learning quality than quantity as you can’t drive them all at once.. so I figure these are pretty good end game! And to top it off it gives me lots of time to fuck around hahahaha. what’s more fun than that!


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