Porsche ‘n across the Country

So, the opportunity of driving a 1986 Porsche 911 turbo across the country came up, and knowing me, I couldn’t say No, so here’s the story.

About a week prior to the trip we were hanging up in the office with our customer / friend Richard planning out his next build while calling shipping companies trying to get his newly acquired Porsche home from Quebec- across the country. As we were calling shipping companies that we trusted they were saying how it’s going to be about a 3.5-5 week lead time and Richard was not having it so Anthony jokingly said ” Richard, why don’t you just fly us out to Montreal and we’ll drive it back” and well the rest goes down in history as the following Wed we jumped on a plane across country to pick up a car we’d only had seen in photos.

We had an early flight but after time change and everything we got into Montreal late afternoon to get picked up by the dealership and get our car. The dude had quite the collection but due to privacy I can’t share any photos but we got to our car, everything appeared to be decent and we went on our way. Richard got us a wild hotel downtown Montreal so we had to make our way there which was about an hour drive. They had mentioned they put 50$ of gas in but the gas gauge still said empty, but told us ” yenno it’s a Porsche thing, you need to fill it up to the top before it starts reading ” as Tony and I look at each other with a face palm look and go fuck. haha So needless to say we didn’t have a gas gauge throughout the entire trip let alone non working after paying top dollar for a car across country but eh, didn’t really have a choice so we continued on our way!

It was a beautiful evening, and not a cloud in the sky, after we got to our hotel we went for dinner and some random smoked meat house which the locals were talking about and then to this place called “Gibeau Orange Julep” which was apparently the place to be on a Wed night for car owners. We hadn’t really booted the car yet and the air was crisp, So Tony hit the pedal and WHEOOO we were NOT expecting that, the car was pretty fucking quick. among this I was playing with the radio to see what CD was inside and all of a sudden ACDC starts playing and we look at each other and go “no way, Travis is here with us and we are across the fucking country ” ( Travis, our boss LOVES ACDC ) and it Completely set the mood for the trip and we went off to get orange drinks and see some cars!

Other then the roads being completely HORRIBLE in Quebec and Manitoba there wasn’t really much else to about the east coast haha, I’m pretty glad I got to experience it only going one way. The people in Quebec were super friendly although we only had one evening to go around. Ontario is fucking GIANT, took us the better portion of 2 days to get through but I had ZERO idea the roads and scenery were so beautiful there! the amount lakes and windy roads DEFINITLEY helped us get through without going insane. We stopped in Winnepeg for the evening and then booked it to Calgary the next day.

Alberta we started to see mountains again which was quite relieving as there were hours on end where we could have probably fell asleep going straight and still been alive when we woke up. Went and seen this Company Unobtainium Welding for an exhaust for a Mclaren 720s that we’re working on and then made our way home,

As soon as we hit the BC / AB boarder it was like going through a portal of heat, the whole week we had friends texting us saying how hot it was but were were like meh can’t be that bad and BOY WERE WE WRONG. as soon as we got over the mountains we hit a heat wall that never ended it was horrible to come back to after all of the nice weather we had minus one morning in Ontario where it was raining pretty hard. It was so hot that although we had AC it couldn’t keep up and we found a random lake to park along and jump in which was a MUCH needed thing to do.

There wasn’t much excitement other then we were driving a 1986 Turbo air cooled Porsche across the country with very little info on it other then it looked pretty clean. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that I’m so grateful we got to experience! We had about an hour to figure out if we wanted to go or not as the tickets were climbing in price and sometimes you just have to say fuck it, go experience things and live a little.

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