Weekend extravaganza’

So compared to any other weekend there was just a bit more Uhmph I guess you could say.. they’re always so jam packed but this one was just a bit more being Karls birthday saturday and having to many people over, having way to much fun and just fuckin’ around.

started off friday rolling down to langley with a few friends in their “euro” rides. one being a 1969 Renault r8 Gordini and the other being a Fiat 124 Hard top. taught me a lot that night and the appreciation of being subtle, and mass engine work done haha. Paul is a master mind. He’s the one Ferrari, Lamborghini, any big name brand that you can think of and can’t get a carburetor running he’s the one getting shipped off world wide. super lucky to have someone like him in my life! every time i go over to his house you learn more then you could ever imagine, he’s one of those people that forgets more in a day then you’ll ever learn.

Saturday came around and what a day it was. rode a bunch of minibikes, ate a lot of food and enjoyed one hell of a time and company. not much to say other then fuck yeah!

sunday came around being a get shit done day, travelled all over the mainland delivering and buying parts but still got to hang out! rad friends and people allow you to do what you love and support all of it.

But here’s the pics because you probably don’t read any of this anyways! hahahaha



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