lead slinger sled

So! we were at the minibike party my buddy Justin came up to me and was like eh, you still got that 60 pickup of yours and I simply replied “yep, still got the 54″ and we kind of started talking about trading and it became reality fairly quick. everyone was tellin me how rusty it was, how bad of condition it was etc etc, I still don’t know where their heads were as to me, the rockers are rusty, a tiny hole in the floor and some minor patches in the quarters but nothing to serious for a 64 year old car it still has floors, original ones to to boot. I’ve seen way nicer cars with more rust, just ” painted in gold ” as i like to call it. to the average person everything looks great but if you know what you’re looking at you know it’s a pos. Anyways I followed my gut and continued in the trade as I wanted it.. originally to sell but now i’ve come to the point where I don’t think that will be happening. I guess deep down I’ve always wanted a 54 chevy belair but never really thought about having a chopped one… it was always stock body, cool tails, supremes and slammed but then looking through all of the old Monster Garage episodes I then remembered the 54 that Jesse James did and brought back all my childhood memories which lead to now me wanting to keep it. The older I get the more ” end goal ” cars I like to obtain.. one car i’m still on the hunt for is a 1955 chevy belair 2dr post like the two lane blacktop car but hey,with time and money you can obtain anything.


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