live life how you want, not how you dream

I guess it’s  that time of year where boats are a thing. having never actually gone on one before we’ve been quite lucky these past couple of days to just jump on the best boats ever.. from Tyson 1961 cris craft to this tiny speed boat with a giant motor on the back and frankly I’ve been loving all of it. what a hoot this boat is. Neil at SCG has been working on this boat for a while now and today was it’s maiden voyage and man what an adventure it was. from beaching it , running out of gas, cliff jumping and being able to relax with noone else around. it was a well needed day that i didn’t even know i needed haha. super stoked we got to hang out with a bunch of good people Friday we leave for UTAH for speed week at the Bonneville salt flats. see how much of a blast that will be! RTW_1950RTW_1938RTW_1976RTW_1990RTW_2000RTW_1996RTW_2008RTW_2041RTW_2002RTW_2057RTW_2026RTW_2020RTW_2049RTW_2035

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