pack your shit and go

so friday came around and Oz called me and was like i’m riding my bike to the races in Penticton you still rollin in the Vert ? and I replied guess not haha. Since having my bike i had always had a weird clackity clack but not your average one a weird one.. So i finally figured it was my cam cover so quickly pulled my motor half apart, rushed to Karls to cut the new one up and made it all back in a few hours before ready to depart on a 4 hour ride on a bike where I’ve never ridden more then 20 km at a time to then lead to be one of the Best experience of my life.PPA_2168

Although money has always been on my mind it is the first time in my life have I experienced a time where money was never on my mind. I’d say it’s the first trip in a LONG time where I truly enjoyed myself.  This trip lightened me up and helped understand life ain’t about the money, it’s about the experience. trying new things you wouldn’t do, meeting new people, seeing new places. It’s something i would suggest doing. it’s going to be the first of many pack your shit and go trips, spontaneous, adventurous, just simply bliss.


it’s amazing what experience can give you, and it’s all on how positively you take it. where the hell am I going to go to next ? probably work.. but it’s summer time, sleep when it rains, well actually sleep when you’re dead.


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