for the love of friends

So last week was quite the week for me, it was tough in all places and I just wasn’t having any of it. from being way to overbooked of just buying a place and renovating it to setting up shop, trying to fix shit, and a whole bunch of other stuff on my plate that I was just WAY TO FULL to digest I kind of broke down and just had enough of it and couldn’t human and I was talking to Johno about it and he was like ill be at your place at 6, i’m like for what..? he replied ” just make sure you have your passport ” so i’m in my room kinda depressed and sad and Johno comes by drags my down ass out and we head south to ” get some parts ” shortly after the boarder I fall asleep and we wake up in a town just outside of Portland saying the parts are down here and we go to sleep for the night. i’m still kinda in like eh, I have lots of places to be, lots to do but wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So we wake up, go for coffee and head to this Van meet where eventually leads us to an hour and a half drive up a mountain to this van camp that the groups at, where I unfortunately didn’t take any photos haha but oh well. this isn’t the first time this has happened and it certainly won’t be the last but i’m so grateful to have friends like this that will go out of their way to get you out of your misery even if they know that you have other priorities and obligations to make, they just know whats best at times and he sure knew I needed a getaway as this week I feel a million times better!

hope yall are doin good! I’ll try to write more but eh, heres some photoosss



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