adventure to nowhere,

So last weekend the group of friends headed up to Cashe creek to go to their annual ” graffiti days ” which in all honesty is a mediocre car show with a bunch of rednecks… and then later on in the day shut down the town and you do a bunch of burnouts. which is pretty rad!

a bunch of good people, good times, and good rides. bahahah.

here’s a few from the trip! RTW_9799Same same but different. we kind of rolled in a bit late.. due to fuel issues… 25L shortRTW_9801PPA_1588PPA_1745PPA_1761PPA_1767stopped by the Alexandria bridge. If it could talk, the stories it would tell.PPA_1793PPA_1785PPA_1718PPA_1685PPA_1641RTW_9809

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