Gettin back on it,

So I’m not updating this site as much as I should and i’m starting to feel pretty shitty about it, always upgrading my instagram and trying to live life but always leaving my blog out. So i’m going to try and update it once a week, even though I might not think what i’m doing is exciting or special to someone else it might and hell, it’s one more commitment to add to the list of things I have to do anyways so eh, get back on it.

So a few weekends ago Riley, James and I went on a little day trip up to the Whitepost auto museum in Tappen B.C for the annual Swap meet and man. what a cool venue. lots of cool stuff that we just don’t have down in the mainland. some cheap stuff, some expensive stuff, some stuff that you just wouldn’t see. So it’s 2 am and  they come and pick me up and i’m a wreck. just having had eye surgery for an eye sliver earlier that day from a few days before i’m aching, hurting and just not loving life haha. but REMEMBER. it’s okay to be down! anyways we get to Tappen about 5-6 am and we go to where our table is and a HUGE gain to vending at a swap meet is you get FIRST DIBSSSS, so I walk over and guess what I see ? a fucking minibike. offer the dude some cash and he takes it and well now I have to find my own ride home hahhaa. as Riley and James were shaking there head ” the only thing we said was don’t buy anything big you fucking idiot ” hahahah .anyways I continued to buy a few more things and ventured to make our way home with a minibike strapped ontop of everything haha! _RC27927_RC27897_RC27917_RC27895_RC27899_RC27907_RC27900_RC27950_RC27941_RC27902_RC27898

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