Daze of Disaster

Disasterdaze is a chopper/van camp that’s been happening for years and I’ve just never really had a license or a mean to go until this year and hands down one of the best experiences of my life, with the combination of amazing people, a sick location and choppers i couldn’t ask for a better weekend even with all the issuessss. Jos Ahn rode Stefs bike 30km with a flat, and stef rode it another 10 to make it to the ferry with minutes to spare! lifes fuckin great, go out and enjoy. DSC_3426DSC_3423DSC_3381DSC_3380DSC_3379DSC_3402DSC_3409DSC_3390DSC_3365DSC_3375DSC_3377DSC_3343DSC_3362DSC_3349DSC_3351DSC_3359DSC_3337DSC_3327DSC_3331DSC_3326DSC_3439DSC_3346DSC_3329DSC_3333DSC_3424DSC_3354DSC_3338DSC_3341DSC_3322DSC_3323DSC_3353DSC_3321

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