Jam packed

So this last week has honestly been the most jam packed week I’ve ever had and it’s just begun.

last week is quite a blur, i just remember working on the motor for papa Peperoni’s 56 pickup and the 60 Apache. getting it ready to roll.. all I need now is the rear pig tails and shes ready to daily, ill get pictures later.

Friday rolls around and my good buddy Ahraz finally got me to get a ticket to a music festival and we went! i’m so glad he harassed me the entire week leading up. I forgot what it was like. It definitely isn’t for everyone but for me, it’s a place where so many different kinds of people can meet up in a neutral place and just enjoy, from metal heads to punkers to the country boys, no one judges yout and everyone is just there to have fun. Met SO many amazing people that i’ll continue to see at other events and talk to and so glad I went.


it was a LAZY Sunday. woke up around 10 went all you can eat brunch with josh, shawn and stef and then went all you can eat mongoli grill for dinner I was full for the next week. later that night Neil shoots me a text asking if i’d like anything of this ugly ford and I said the drive train, he replied come and get it … so needless to say i spent Monday and Tuesday I spent pulling that stupid motor to get home at sunrise to be up for work at 6:30. it’s been a LONG week. but hey I got myself a free engine and rear end! haha


random sushi date, because everyone needs to eat


my Uncle facebook called me last night around 10pm ( yeah weird right ? apparently lucky he found free wifi at the random lodge.. what a lucky bastard ) and was like hey El, I need your help I blew up my trans in manning park can you come help ? .. kind of not knowing what’s happening i re ask are you serious?  it’s 10 pm, my uncles like i’m serious… shit just got real, so Stef and I pack our shit up and head for a 2.5 hour drive to save my uncle to get home at 430 am and back at work at 7.


needless to say i’ve slept 12 hours the last week combined, i’m here writing this for whoever to read at midnight and i’ts only thursday. AND to TOP all of this madness off Maccie gave me a ring the other day aswell in the middle of all this fiasco and was all like ” so since half of the province is in flames want to head up to 150 mile house ( 700km away / 500 miles ) to deliver 300 gallons of diesel and endless amounts of food, water and supplies to the local towns and fire departments that are trying to save the cities from burning down.” and i’m all stunned because Maccies one of the biggest dicks i know, i simply reply  let’s pack our shit and hit the road.

So tomorrow ( friday ) We’re off to deliver all the fuel and supplies needed through several forest fires, and well. dam rights there will be another post coming up this weekend.

through all of this i have learned so much and have a new view on life. as sidney would say ” just fucking do it ” we often spend to much time debating and not enough doing and it’s not good. Life is all about the experience, the journey, adventure. Be scared, don’t know whats happening ? just accept it and enjoy it. Life is to short to be sad and hold grudges. don’t judge, be nice, hell be a dick even, just fucking smile.


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