10 years and dedication

So the first time I saw this car I was probably 12-13 at a car show that my parents brought me to and I had no idea what it was other then it was the raddest thing i’ve ever seen. told the dude one day This will be mine.. fast forward 10 years and here it is.  I’m a unique dude, and have always had the weirdest taste in vehicles and this car was perfect from factory. If you know me you know I hate / despise dual round headlights side by side but on this vehicle they’re tilted.. which is the way i’d do it.. I also am not a fan of 4 doors at all. but YEARS ago, when karl was just a young lad designed and made suicide doors on this car and one day ill take a more detailed picture of it but it completes the car to a dammed.  There isn’t anything I would actually change as any other car ever produced… actually.. the tail lights need some love hahaha. but other then that I’ve never been happier with life and it’s weird.. I hate to say it but it’s like I found a missing puzzle piece. like i’m content with myself. I have gotten to the point of not caring what people think, i’m doing a lot more cool stuff, i’m being me, surrounding myself with great people. life is good and can’t be jinxed. DSC_9910DSC_9911DSC_9875


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