Ryd-er Raise your dreams

So I’d about a year ago was the first time I met Derek and  Shelby which are the Founders of RYD Motorsports. A Canadian based company that builds parts for mostly Ford 4×4’s but have been doing a variety of stuff lately. Stopped by there as I was in the neighborhood to see what they were up to and Derek was building a full custom frame for a 65 impala that they’d like to debut at Sema next year and Shelby was making parts for the shelf! also on the build list is a Model A sedan with a  Duramax diesel in it! Super cool dudes that are always wanting to have a good time. If the twin cam lawnmower doesn’t say party, don’t know what does.DSC_1305DSC_1301DSC_1299DSC_1298DSC_1291DSC_1292DSC_1293DSC_1295DSC_1289DSC_1285DSC_1297DSC_1304DSC_1303DSC_1306DSC_1316DSC_1315DSC_1311DSC_1322DSC_1329DSC_1324DSC_1326DSC_1320DSC_1312DSC_1290

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