dinner and a movie?. nah

so it was the year 1982 and rambo first came out… but…. well Johno wasn’t born yet so he had to be the shitty 90’s knock off.  anyways he lives his life in the 80’s from the way he dresses, to his cars, to life in general..he even wears a fucken fanny pack. ITS FUCKING 2018 hahaha.  This weekend I had gone to a music festival and the plan was for him to drive up ( 250 miles ) and pick me up! and that he did, Me never being to Kelowna before it was quite the experience. Other then being more populated then vancouver I quite enjoyed myself and could definitely see why so many people move there and or have summer homes there. It’s the dream life, warm lake, boats, seadoos, fishing, absolutely full of fun while still being able to relax, it was a rad time,


PPA_2975PPA_2910Having to fix the shock that just magically fell offPPA_2912PPA_2913“Hey Johno… your car is on fire ” as he replies ” that’s not a surprise ”
PPA_2943PPA_2914what’s better then parking lot fixes ?PPA_2916PPA_2941PPA_2948Stopped for some cold beverages
PPA_2937PPA_2926Went for a cruise on the westside road” PPA_2920PPA_2967

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