serial bouts a final’

So, being winter and shit we often just don’t get together as much as summertime but Serial nine had a screen viewing of the KDF final bout video and had a big meetup! although i didn’t get any photos of us watching a short movie I got a few photos of the aftermath of Kris, Meek, and Neil doing burnouts.

and after looking at the photos.. fuck i should just photograph people hahahha,

lifes busy, but don’t be to busy to not have fun. DSC_1048DSC_1041DSC_1055DSC_1047DSC_1061DSC_1059DSC_1060DSC_1057DSC_1052DSC_1043DSC_1036DSC_1058DSC_1063DSC_1049DSC_1051DSC_1032DSC_1033-2DSC_1034

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