weekends are for fun

earlier in the week Shannon messaged me asking if i wanted to go see the DirtFish rally show and I was like ” well it’s my first weekend with nothing to do so sure” so we travelled south east of  seattle to go see an INSANE AMOUNT OF SUBARUS. which I mean was cool but completely subaru’d out for life bahahha. then went past the track on the way home and found some race cars! life’s always an adventure. DSC_3184-3DSC_3141DSC_3152DSC_3146DSC_3147DSC_3178DSC_3181DSC_3145DSC_3169DSC_3157DSC_3206DSC_3197DSC_3209DSC_3199DSC_3121DSC_3116DSC_3097DSC_3092DSC_3102DSC_3104DSC_3084DSC_3068DSC_3086DSC_3050DSC_3048DSC_3061DSC_3190DSC_3174

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