Forrest of rubber!

Just the other day Josh had asked if I was free one evening and as I typically reply ” depends what and why ” He mentioned woods and cars going sideways so I was easily convinced to be free and said ” I guess i’m free, ill be at your place at 6 ” and away we went. We showed up, Kolton was in his dodge which completely caught me off guard and our homies from Alberta showed up with a truck and trailer and his pro car on the back and all I could think of is ” the good ol’ days ” haha and set up blockers at the top and the bottom of this private property and we just hotlapped for hours as we got ANNIHILATED WITH GOD DAM MOSQUITOS FOOR FUCK SAKES. it was horrible! almost got to the point of not even wanting to be there anymore, bug repellant wasn’t doing SHIT and we were all sticky from the muggyness , it was an experience for sure haha.

but hopefully more fun times will be had and these are just a few of the photos i took as I was just so fucking amped on the whole situation i forgot to take more as it goes haha.

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