minibike hero’

so it’s finally that time of year again where we take our minibikes out of the dust afters months of sitting a weekend before we  make a stupid track and go balls out racing against ourselves. we take minibikes way to seriously, we give them way to much power and we ride them way to hard.. why ? because it’s fun. little lawn tractors that make you feel free, like you have no responsibilities or worries, just you and this little machine that has to much power just because it’s funny. It’s something where everyone can ride, hang out have fun. which leads me to understand that The core theme with the few groups of friends that i hang with seems to be.. Have fun, fuck around and do YOU. life’s  to short to sigh and be down. It’s all about what YOU make of it. so build something, do what you love and enjoy what you do best.

that being said, this weekend is Karls annual minibike races. will have a jam-packed update on sunday with a feature!

JuSt GoInG tO sEnD iT


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