5 years looking

So a few days ago as I’m making my ride home from Penticton… 4 hours on the bike and we stop for dinner, I get a phone call from Karl saying hey dude check your phone… I did and was completely in aww. All he said was we’ll figure out the details later, 5 years lookin and I found your forever car. Never have I been so excited. Finally got me back in the groove, the thinking process of life, going to help people and being all happy. Unknowingly then but looking back I just wasn’t me. Somethings missing but I didn’t know what and the more trips I do and hang with good people the more I realise life ain’t about money it’s about the experience and good times! Anyways after I sold my old 30′ ford I’ve always wanted another one.. that one just wasn’t what I wanted and at the time some random dude offered me way to much money so I couldn’t say no. So here’s a fresh slate a 6″ chop and endless possibilities.


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