drive away

well usually the Friday night of the annual cruise in is pretty on fire. but this year it wasn’t exactly what people were expecting.. more so in the way I personally thought there were a lot of cars out but no one was hooning… doing burnouts or doughnuts.. which I mean i didn’t think was horrible but everyone else had the “mindset” that that’s what it was going to be.. but here’s a couple pictures. PPA_4539PPA_4548PPA_4549PPA_4546PPA_4533PPA_4527PPA_4526PPA_4522PPA_4515PPA_4509PPA_4513PPA_4503PPA_4500PPA_4490PPA_4495

and then these are from the annual falcon show last weekend. just have been so dam busy lately that i haven’t been able to get on a computer but finally made time! PPA_4476PPA_4474PPA_4471PPA_4468PPA_4472

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