Snow upon a time,

well last week my buddy Eric messaged me asking if I wanted to go snow wheeling since he had just finished his truck aswell, and we kind of started and finished at the same time! it’s been one hell of a trip but we both finally got together! been a while since i’ve written but got lots of shit to do haha,

Test day

so i had finally gotten the bronco done and last night i was up till v late getting stuff done on it but today was the test run and it did well! absolutely no problems other than almost passing out from carbon monoxide poisoning because i forgot to use sealer on my transmission tunnel.

dont’ really have much to say other than it’s pretty rewarding haha.

shoots a’ hoy

so a few weeks ago I got invited to go out shooting with some friends and unfortunately something had come up and I wasn’t able to make it but this weekend I had planned accordingly and brought my dad out and had a blast of a time!

I never hated or disliked guns, I was just never really attracted to them but today I learned just like everything else in life I hadn’t found the gun I really enjoyed. needless to say theres one more hobby added to my expensive list of toys hahah,

well heres some photos and hope you enjoy!

saw of whipin’

So a few months ago before all this Covid-19 bullshit came along, a group of us were planning a trip up this unbelievable mountain called “Molybdenite Peak” Josh bought a Jeep Gladiator, I was trying to get my 74 bronco ready to go on this trip and a few days before cutting it quits we had gotten told that the only ferry to get across the water to the peak was shut-down by the natives so we kind of had to rethink of a new plan since we all had this week off to go on a trip that just got pretty much K-O’d!  Josh had seen a few videos of this other trail Riley had done in the past called ” whipsaw ” so having no real destination otherwise we kind of headed east instead of north and started our trek!

It had been a bit and I was kind of in a crunch for a vehicle, so the monday before hand I told myself if I didn’t have the bronco running and driving by the monday I wouldn’t take it as I didn’t want to be that dude that blew up because I half assed something stupid and held everyone up, So i kind of mentioned to my brother that I needed some new rims and or tire combo and later that day he had sent a set to me that weren’t the ” ones i wanted ” but ended up being the perfect ones i needed, went to the shop to mount some tires from the bronco onto the ranger rims and did a few more things and everything kind of fell into place with only a few hiccups!

The trail Whipsaw was pretty dam good! it’s a cool setup as ALMOST Everywhere has a bypass, and although there are some quite gnarly parts I personally feel the majority of it was pretty easy.. but who am I to say shit, I skipped about 4 things and 3 of which my truck was completely NOT able to even attempt haha but josh got through almost all of them! we had found a nice lake and stayed there for a few nights, got scared shitless from the assholes across the lake setting off bare scares and thinking theirs bears near at fucking THREE AM. for fuck sakes . ate way to much, slept quite a bit and unfortunately froze haha, everywhere had said it was going to be in the mid 30’s thinking this entire trip we were going to be swimming in the SUN  but with our luck, around 5000ft it ended up being 6-10*c and raining the entire time but with the right people we still had a good time!

it’s been a while since i’ve been adventuring but eh, lifes been a busy. next time ill try to take more photos haha, hope yuall are great and Enjoyy!



boot day for a ride’

twas a beautiful day working on the bronco and the next thing you know Charlie shows up on his bike, Stefano shows up and I text Johno and no response and the next thing you know he’s on his chop and we headed out, no destination, no worries. ended up making our way through fort Langley to pop by and skater boy and continued on to enjoy the beauty of a holiday!

been so busy I forget to take my camera and end up taking photos on my phone. but soon ill let my ego die and post phone photos… fuck. haha


tour de’ grande le harriso’


so a few weeks ago Josh, Tonz and shawn kind of mentioned they wanted to hit up camping from Harrison to Boston Bar and I was like sure, I probably need a day or so away from society as I haven’t been away in a few months with this Covid 19 shit going on so came along Friday night, packed my bags and left REAL early Saturday morning. Me being me I really didn’t know the plan or anything, brought a tarp, a tent and a bunch of food, hopped into the truck with josh as I didn’t wanna do a few 100km’s alone and we hit the road! It being a long weekend we knew it was going to be a busy one but with the covid going on we were like eh, can’t be that bad but boy were we wrong. Every campsite and hidden beach we knew of were god dam jam packed and slowly our hopes went down, the weather wasn’t that great so we kind of wanted to set up camp before the rain started, so we continued to search, until Tony kind of went off this random path that none of us had been before and it kept going which was quite steep and found a beautiful dead end cliff road right before the beach where we were able to set up a beautiful camp! unfortunately i didn’t really get any other photos than my stupid small tent that I pack on my bike which I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW SMALL IT WAS. fucking idiot me, anyways Shawn made us a delicious dinner followed by the idea of smores but had some young drunk ass chick calling for help so we kind of forgot to eat them, dealt with that false alarm and then went to bed shortly after.

the next day we woke up quite early, Tony and Meghan made a bomb breakfast and we packed up and headed out, the road reminded me of an episode of the grand tour, and really gave me motivation to finish my dumb bronco so we can go on more trips together! haha, few hours later we had continued on and ended up in Pemberton. my stupid dumb ass didn’t read the group chat and clearly missed the memo but glad everything went as it did as I had a great time with Great people!

and that was my quite spontaneous weekend. hope yall had a great time and can’t wait for more!


24 hours of solo.

So I was bugging Maegan Thursday about finding a nice boy to take her out on a date and she was all like ” nahh gotta take yourself out every once in a while ” and I kind of jokingly said ” Well do I have to come over there and take you out for dinner, Go take my old truck out and have a nice picnic ” ( as Valentines day was Friday and i’m the furthest away from supporting it but eh ) and she replied ” well i’m pretty busy Friday with work, and then hosting an anti valentines day party and you should come!  and then we can go exploring on Saturday ” so needless to say. after work Friday I packed my bag, jumped on the ferry and made my ways to Vancouver island!

I tell ya. These are the situations I live for. Random adventures.  Take the signs the universe presents you and take advantage of them in the most positive way you can. I had an entire plan for this weekend but sometimes you have to say fuck it, and do some you. It was a much needed 24 hour trip that was full of excitement, laughter, good times and full of great people and im so So glad these opportunities arise!


wheeling in the snow

well after Josh hit us with the reality of the math it’s been a good 3 years since we’ve all been out together and fuck does time pass fast. and then the 4 runner leaving shortly it’s going to be a sad day as it’s one of the most capable rigs i’ve ever built but everything happens for a reason and it’s time to move on! but SOOO FUCKING STOKED to enjoy wheeling for the next few weeks!



Vacation of California

I had this idea of going down to California for winter as I really enjoy eating and they always have great food there so!  In late November I kind of mentioned to Johno saying fuck this Rain we should spend new years in California again as we both had the time off and he said fuck yeah, and I ran it past Riley and he said why not and James was like eh, it’s only a few days to take off considering all the stats in between so why the fuck not. so on December 26 we heading out for our California Vacation. kind of wanted to B line it to San Francisco but had to go shopping in Oregon for that TAX FREEE GOLD yo, so kind of took a bit longer to get down and wasted some time but who cares because we were on Vacation! eventually lead to san Fran then all the way down to Bakersfield where we fucking found snow, like what the absolute fuck. there was a shit ton to and I was NOT IMPRESSED to say the fucking least hahahah, so slept in some ghetto hotel there and got the fuck out of there in the morning to then get to Santa Cruz which is a fucking great place to go to if you ever hit the coast, we went to my absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in the entire world which i totes forgot to snap a photo of considering the weird place it is and then we made it somewhere else and did a shit load of driving and ended up in Barstow fucking California for new years because all the hotels went from 120$ a night to 400$…  which was hands down the shittiest place i’ve ever been to but met some people, heard some crazy stories, played some shitty fucking arcade bitch ass darts, p.s never fucking even attempt. if they don’t have a real dart board. get the fuck out of there. lmao hahhaa,  got a phone call around 10 i’d say asking where were we heading tomorrow and I was like uhhh north ? he said stop by Grange Motorsports park as it’s near you guys  and we’re already on our way! so Gladly stopped by there and spent way to much time there and completely put everything else off track but it was well worth it! met some great people, seen some unbelievable drifting and had a Grande ol’ time! haha, made our way through the mountains and then went to the lava caves in southern Oregon and made our way back a day early because we had so much motivation to fix our own stuff! hahaha, _RC21210_RC21186_RC21187_RC21205_RC21221_RC21228_RC21229_RC21240_RC21230_RC21196_RC21183_RC21188_RC21220_RC21216_RC21159_RC21253_RC21252_RC21251_RC21250_RC21258_RC21245_RC21266_RC21314_RC21311_RC21294_RC21290_RC21306_RC21293_RC21326_RC21327_RC21348_RC21366_RC21363_RC21362_RC21357_RC21320_RC21385_RC21371_RC21393_RC21394_RC21412_RC21427_RC21421_RC21407_RC21399_RC21431_RC21449_RC21459_RC21511_RC21509_RC21482_RC21514_RC21532_RC21527_RC21519_RC21548_RC21545_RC21625_RC21546_RC21644_RC21646_RC21642_RC21724_RC21823_RC21827_RC21911_RC21930_RC22053_RC22036_RC22022_RC21961_RC21948_RC21943_RC22275_RC22272_RC22290_RC22287_RC22288_RC22263_RC22311_RC22306_RC22305_RC22302_RC22308_RC22318_RC22321

blake doing things blake does

so a few weeks ago Blake messaged me asking if I could help him for a couple days to swap his Monte Carlo body onto his built Cutlass frame and mentioned I was off from the 19th of december to Jan 6th and said I could help in the earlier portion of the time off as I was going on vacation afterwords so there I went spending my vacation swapping bodies! haha we got quite far, got the monte to the shop, cutlass body off and a few other things before I had to leave but he got it done by Jan 4th! super proud of him and stoked!