A walk into the desert.

Well a few months ago a few friends and I had the idea of incorporating a road trip down to Las Vegas for a show called Sema and well. It happened. setting the bar with only using  paper maps to guide us through the desert was quite a challenge at times. although I wasn’t able to get my 53  Belair running so our buddy Dan all of a sudden said he was going to join us and brought along his MINT 1990 Chevy suburban.  I don’t know exactly what to say in this post. The show SEMA was overwhelming. People always go on about how big it is, and how you’ll never get through the show, and miss a good chunk of it and after gone, I’d never hear a true enough statement. You get lost at least 3 times a day and end up at the same place you started and just end up giving up lol. but we made it through a good 75% throughout the 3/4 days as we ditched a day early to go visit the ALIENS at area 51, and the Bonneville race track. As it was my first time to Sema, Vegas, and the Desert I fell in love with the desert. Just something about it, and Bonneville was incredible and i’m so excited to go again next year for the actual races. but yeah, i’m pretty tired.

the photos typically do all the talking anyways hahahaha,




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