don’t dream about it, live it

What a weekend. as always hahahah
Friday after work Johno and I headed to Tofino on vancouver island. It was the hippest place we’ve been told to check out so that we did. jumped in the 4 runner filled her up and set off. being kind of morons we didn’t come to conclusion until the ferry terminal that it was the long weekend but 2 sailings later we made it to the island.. just a bit later then anticipated but that didn’t stop us from driving! night cant’ scare us haha, so we heading to the west coast, got a few hours in and figured we should find a place to stay for the night.. Johno had a bed setup in the back of his truck. So we found a random trail, went up and had a good nights sleep… well a whole 4 hours if you will.


Saturday was quite the adventure. started off around 6 am for another hour drive to Tofino.. found some cool falls on the super windy roads on the way up which i suggest driving if you ever have the chance and then off to enjoy a delicious breakfast at some random diner we googled for best ratings and then lead to walking around town and checking what it was all about. frankly yes it was beautiful and a cool little town but I feel it was quite like California and overly hyped, which im completely cool with.. but it just puts this image in your mind and sets standards which you just shouldn’t have when exploring and adventuring. After we headed south towards long beach where all the Surfers actually go surfing. which no one tells you… haha, you go to tofino and it’s a big cove  but drive half hour south and that’s where all the boys and girls are SHREDDING THE GNAR if you could put a name on it haha. which was quite exciting to watch. we didn’t end up trying it due to not being organized enough and it was cloudy and the motivation wasn’t there lol.  after an hour or so we headed to Ucluelet and seen some sick cars, bought some good records and ate some good food haha. which then lead us going  to find some rad waterfalls back to the south of the island to go past western speedway and visited us some friends at the track and a bunch of exploring to find a place to sleep on some back road.


sunday was pretty jam packed. headed up to sooke potholes just to realise the capilano are way more outstanding haha so we were a bit butthurt about that, went out for breakfast and then hit up VV boutique and a few other thrift stores in victoria. On the way back to the ferry terminal we went past a buddies house and snapped some pictures of his SICK bikes. Ive been following him on instagram for quite some time now but never had a reason to go over to the island but glad i got to check them out this time round! ended up being one of the last vehicles to get onto the ferry after rushing to the terminal we made the 1 o’clock to allow us to get to mission for a relatively decent time for a big BBQ dinner for my grandfathers dinner at my uncles house. which was absolutely delicious. After the sun started to go down we get a call from Benny sayin hey we’re at Tyson you should pop by and that we did. and I AM SOOOO glad we did. I have never been a fan of boats, or  ” vacation houses ” but Tysons 1961 chris craft absolutely did it for me. you thought rolling in a cool car down town was fucken sick. try a wooden speedboat from the 60’s rumbling around the lake. now that my friend.. is the dream.


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