always up for an adventure.

Oh, what a night. Johno calls me around midnight Monday to say ” what ya doin tomorrow” all I reply is … Eh where are we going ? He says the island to pick up a transmission. I’m like I’ll hear the details tomorrow and well after I get home on Tuesday he picks me up and we set off to the island rushing to catch the 630 ferry but little did we know it had got cancelled leaving us to take the 730 ferry and HOPEFULLY make the last ferry back to make it to work the next day. So we go to drop off and arrival and johno pulls this dolly out of his van and we start walking me.. finally clicking in we’re going to walk onto the ferry to fucking get this transmission to 4×4 swap his van hahah. Oh what an adventure. With enough passion, and determination. Anything is possible when you look outside the box! Hope y’all are having a good week and remember when times are tough just keep on trucking! You’ll get over that mountain!



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