mission of drifting.

well, it was the second or third time there was drifting at mission raceway park and man do I believe it was a success. without any expectations or knowing what was going on.. Riley and I ventured off to .. fucking mission ass farm land far far away to eventually hearing tires getting destroyed. we entered the raceway and man was I surprised. Lots of people, Lots of cars, and lots of seat time! I’m pretty stoked it’s summertime and fun things are happening again!


until next time bloooggg! _RC28416_RC28415_RC28409_RC28375_RC28308_RC28296_RC28288_RC28277_RC28267_RC28256_RC28255_RC28248_RC28243_RC28237_RC28234_RC28207_RC28204_RC28199_RC28195_RC28192_RC28186_RC28168

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