There’s always next time.

Well, where the hell do I start. Johno and I have been toying the idea of riding to Silverado California for about 2 months prior to the trip with two bikes laying there behind the shop begging for an overhaul. a few weeks go by and we bring the bikes into the shop and get started to lead to the the most intense 6 weeks I’ve lived. every day we’d come home from work and just thrash on these two bikes one being a 1954 and the other a 1981. both sat for forever and we didn’t know if they ran but didn’t even second guess completely rebuilding them and then fore taking an almost 5000km trip.

As much as I’d like to write paragraph after paragraph about all of the experiences I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary.  It’s not that it’s a blur, it’s not that I hated it.. it was absolutely Fantastic. And Although it wasn’t the trip I have been dreaming of it was a Family vacation that I wouldn’t trade for the world and secretly my dad has been dreaming of from the day that I was born. I am SO happy and beyond stoked on how this trip went, although we didn’t make it to BORN FREE 10 I wouldn’t change a thing. theirs always next year. My family is the best thing anyone could ask for. The journey was unbelievable.

when I was younger my dad would call with my uncle Mark from random places from all over and one we always remembered was “Windthrop” he’d go on a “3 hour tour” that ended up being a week trip of just the bikes, him and mark to experience the stuff you can’t just pull out of your ass and this trip lead to that. I have always admired my parents relationship and how my mom was always cool with pops just going on these trips with no second guessing or anything. We blew some tires, we slept under trucks, found some freaky graves, seen some dicks, broke some parts, met some cuties, ate the best Mexican food I have ever had and had the fucking trip of a life time.

hope these photos show some sense of clarity.

when all else hit the fan, there was ALWAYS good to follow, just keep your head up and let life do it’s thing.



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