Palooza of Losers.

Well. Fuck. where the hell do I start. this has to be one of the best weekends In a while, not that every other weekend isn’t good but it was just fulfilled with good people, times and memories. I met so many amazing people this weekend and I can say it’s the first time I can say I kind of fit in. I was able to just be me, be truthful to myself and surround myself with people I wanted to be around. It started off Friday night at a local shop called Lions MFG and followed Saturday and Sunday at the PIPE shop in North Vancouver at an amazing Venue that Becky put together for one of the best show’s I’ve ever been to. It had a great groove to it, a good amount of people, lots of rad bikes, cool art and good times.  I tried to capture as many moments as I could but when I went to edit the photos it seemed as if I forgot to take a bunch of photos I thought I had. none the less, I hope you all had as kick ass of a weekend as I did and enjoy your monday!

photos are in no order at all haha, hell yeah, steal em, repost em just tag me! DSC_4030DSC_4021DSC_3937DSC_3950DSC_3991DSC_4004DSC_4007DSC_3992DSC_3988_RC25502_RC25511_RC25484_RC25483DSC_3986DSC_3994_RC25510_RC25516_RC25498_RC25505_RC25607_RC25603_RC25601_RC25588_RC25583_RC25593_RC25600_RC25572_RC25578_RC25570_RC25591_RC25587_RC25547_RC25548_RC25533_RC25534_RC25568_RC25551_RC25569_RC25546_RC25565_RC25545_RC25532_RC25529_RC25520_RC25524_RC25526_RC25519_RC25507_RC25525_RC25518_RC25482_RC25481_RC25476_RC25469_RC25462_RC25474_RC25475_RC25478_RC25466_RC25465_RC25460_RC25461_RC25459_RC25457_RC25454DSC_3921DSC_3919DSC_3935DSC_3931DSC_3933DSC_3902DSC_3915DSC_3913DSC_3926DSC_3918DSC_3903DSC_3908_RC25447_RC25432_RC25440-2_RC25442_RC25434-2_RC25442-2_RC25509_RC25557_RC25581_RC25597_RC25586_RC25598_RC25499_RC25496_RC25500DSC_4026DSC_4033DSC_3942DSC_3966

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