keep it in the family,

So with the 59 it was one of those things.. it was for sale..  to me or Benny.. to keep it in the “family” and to me that’s a huge thing. For Munky to remember my words for all these years and to give me the opportunity was an amount of respect I’ve never had before.. everything ended up falling into place and I got the car but it still gets me out of the world of people that know of it and know him he chose me, it was one of the best feelings in the world. It’s still clicking in I own a 59 Buick Electra… let alone the one I’ve wanted for most of my life haha!.   I also had the chance a few years back to buy this 65 Impala we built back when we had this youth program named C.U.T .. it was short for Customs for Urban Teens and was meant to take at risk youth and give them something to aim for, teach them how to socialize, work on cars, and learn new things and quite a few people we had succeed. all the vehicles we finished were raffled off after completion. This one particular a single mother won it and she didn’t even want it so  it sat in storage for a few years and we heard it came up for sale..and as much as I wanted it I knew Benny wanted it more and passed the deal onto him and purchased it shortly after. which was pretty bad ass because now we get to see it all the time! I really don’t know what that has to do with the 59 but it’s a fucken sick car and every time I see it I take pictures of it. hahah DSC_9937

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