causally a casualty

have sort of been busy working on the 54 and haven’t really taken any pictures of it, hahah or brought my camera with me as I’ve been having to much fun smokin the tires. but it was a great weekend as always! started Saturday off at the Hawaiian, a party adam has been having for the last 11 years! and then headed to a swap meet and hangz with friends and some good old times everywhere i went. although sometimes i don’t bring my camera with me everywhere for instance going to deep cove with johno and Josephine tonight for ice cream.. just know, i’m always having fun and always gallivanting hahaha. PPA_4285PPA_4289PPA_4290PPA_4310PPA_4314PPA_4322PPA_4312PPA_4316PPA_4307PPA_4295PPA_4294PPA_4327PPA_4329PPA_4336PPA_4330PPA_4334PPA_4269PPA_4273PPA_4274

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