Capeless heros’

This is something that brought me back to years ago.. from cub scouts, to rovers. Helping others in need from the goodness of your heart.  there has been a while here where I always took the easy route out… and was kind of an asshole, dick, what ever you want to call it to people because as most of you know it’s just way easier being mean then nice. so lately i’ve been trying to go back to the old me of being all happy, supportive and positive which lead me to learn that people want to claim they see you succeed but when push comes to shove they really just get jealous and then start putting you down… that being said you’re doing the right thing, because when people talk, it means you’re doing stuff they can’t.

This weekend, myself, Stefano, Oz, and a few other friends of ours got together and headed north to where the towns were on fire and  getting evacuated, To bring fuel, firehoses, water and other supplies to help out the people in need or that have lost all they had. Its crazy to put it into perspective that everything you owned, worked hard and earned just disappeared in the snap of a finger. heading up there was probably one of the best things I’ve done in a while.  I’m probably the brokest I’ve ever been… but to pack up the truck throw everything on the visa and give away fuel, food, and help with anything else that we could do is something truly unbelievable. seeing the faces of people that truly appreciate and NEED the supplies was worth every penny.

we ended up giving away 1000L of diesel, thousands of water bottles, hundreds of gatorade bottles, 500ft of firehose, numerous bales of hay and way more stuff that was donated by LOTS of locals to bring up.

Thank you to all of the firefighters risking their lives for us. Jim for the unbelievable hospitality of letting us stay at his ” hunting trailer ” and all the friends we met on the way. super proud.


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