Days of Graffiti,

Well It’s been a long time! lots has changed but I’m going to try and make a huge effort to get my ass out of the garage and get to events again as this one reminded me of how much I enjoyed hangin’ out with people, laughing, fucking around, and having good company!

This trip was a bit spontaneous as they usually are but one that is a constant reminder of what it’s all about. The first time Karl ( Japhands Kustoms ) built his truck and got it road worthy it was right before a show called ” Graffiti days ” in Cache Creek B.C it’s about 3.5-4 hours north of where we’re from and it’s pretty much as close to the desert you can get being in the great north haha. It’s so memorable as everyone comes from everywhere to this small town in the middle of nowhere to share a common love for old cars, burnouts and fun! They close the local airport for the day and turn it into a drag strip and then in town at 7 ish they have a government funded burnout pad where you just sign up and burn your tires off! it’s an absolute hoot! hahah! unfortunately I didn’t get any photos as I was having to much fun watching but eh, it’s a reminder for next time to be like ” oh yeah snap some photos of smoke ” hahah

Hopefully this is a push for me taking more photos again and getting back into the groove and i should really start doing weekly lifestyle updates but eh! ill figure my shit out one day!

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