The speed of animals.

So to start my 3 week vacation I ended up going to see Blake @ Animal speed shop to go see what I can find. He mentioned they had a 69 fire bird in the field so I went wandering off and there it was… at least what was left of a ” car ”  although it was a complete wreck it was a cool optioned car and some of the parts were still salvageable. Animal typically only does c10s. 60-66 for that matter but occasionally they do a complete build on a car of some sort, or have to repair someone else’s fuck up. they’re rad dudes with an abundance of knowledge and would love to get a truck built by them one day DSC_0867DSC_0850DSC_0868DSC_0862DSC_0856DSC_0855DSC_0858DSC_0853DSC_0854DSC_0852DSC_0851DSC_0849

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