the Japhands lady


Every time I head out to Japhands kustoms I tend to have to go use to bathroom… either i ate something bad or my body is like Elio fuck you, empty me.. reguardless more so now then ever before.. you always hear this ting ting, bang, and such coming out of the living room in his house and having known his wife Kristina ( IG: ladyjaphandsleather ) has always been an artist, always had great ideas and the love for leather and textiles. From always having the coolest dress and jacket to the swag of having this go with that and just a really good ” fashionista ” you could say!  I’d have to say the last year or so she started doing leatherwork.. from cozies to wallets and now purses a lot more complex stuff and the outcome is absolutely amazing! The quality and attention to detail is outstanding! between her and Karl they could open up a business of their own! It’s always so sweet to see them two working together! From life in general to their own little gigs they are both so supportive of one another and push each other to do the absolute best they can! The positive outlook they have on life and live really shows that life can be great and you can do what you love as long as you put your mind to it.


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