Mooneyes christmas

Last December a few friends and I drove down to California for the annual Mooneyes Christmas party / show. It was my first time in California so I kind of took it for a grain of salt and had the best time I could have. you go ask anyone and they’ll say So Cal is a weird place, and a couple days in I completely understood. from the smog that I couldn’t believe was real to the 9 wide lanes of stop and go traffic which was actually horrible.  the car scene at this show was more of bring what you got rather then the Santa Maria Cruise in Nationals where almost every car was a show piece. it’s a big place, with lots to do. make sure you plan your days out lol or else you just spend the entire day googling what to do and wasting precious time. PPA_8015PPA_8228PPA_8053PPA_8121PPA_8126PPA_8128PPA_8139PPA_8174PPA_8232PPA_8194PPA_8214PPA_8288

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