been a bit,

well it’s been a few weeks as i’ve been getting a new computer built and well how are you suppose to edit photo’s without a computer, so here we are. went for a day trip up to whistler and found a few abandoned buildings as well as an old crashed train site from the 50’s. _RC26588_RC26601_RC26604_RC26614_RC26617_RC26632_RC26644_RC26645_RC26648_RC26649_RC26651_RC26652_RC26653_RC26656_RC26659_RC26664_RC26667_RC26670_RC26674_RC26676_RC26692_RC26699_RC26702_RC26703_RC26705_RC26707_RC26719_RC26721

A walk into the desert.

Well a few months ago a few friends and I had the idea of incorporating a road trip down to Las Vegas for a show called Sema and well. It happened. setting the bar with only using  paper maps to guide us through the desert was quite a challenge at times. although I wasn’t able to get my 53  Belair running so our buddy Dan all of a sudden said he was going to join us and brought along his MINT 1990 Chevy suburban.  I don’t know exactly what to say in this post. The show SEMA was overwhelming. People always go on about how big it is, and how you’ll never get through the show, and miss a good chunk of it and after gone, I’d never hear a true enough statement. You get lost at least 3 times a day and end up at the same place you started and just end up giving up lol. but we made it through a good 75% throughout the 3/4 days as we ditched a day early to go visit the ALIENS at area 51, and the Bonneville race track. As it was my first time to Sema, Vegas, and the Desert I fell in love with the desert. Just something about it, and Bonneville was incredible and i’m so excited to go again next year for the actual races. but yeah, i’m pretty tired.

the photos typically do all the talking anyways hahahaha,




Palooza of Losers.

Well. Fuck. where the hell do I start. this has to be one of the best weekends In a while, not that every other weekend isn’t good but it was just fulfilled with good people, times and memories. I met so many amazing people this weekend and I can say it’s the first time I can say I kind of fit in. I was able to just be me, be truthful to myself and surround myself with people I wanted to be around. It started off Friday night at a local shop called Lions MFG and followed Saturday and Sunday at the PIPE shop in North Vancouver at an amazing Venue that Becky put together for one of the best show’s I’ve ever been to. It had a great groove to it, a good amount of people, lots of rad bikes, cool art and good times.  I tried to capture as many moments as I could but when I went to edit the photos it seemed as if I forgot to take a bunch of photos I thought I had. none the less, I hope you all had as kick ass of a weekend as I did and enjoy your monday!

photos are in no order at all haha, hell yeah, steal em, repost em just tag me! DSC_4030DSC_4021DSC_3937DSC_3950DSC_3991DSC_4004DSC_4007DSC_3992DSC_3988_RC25502_RC25511_RC25484_RC25483DSC_3986DSC_3994_RC25510_RC25516_RC25498_RC25505_RC25607_RC25603_RC25601_RC25588_RC25583_RC25593_RC25600_RC25572_RC25578_RC25570_RC25591_RC25587_RC25547_RC25548_RC25533_RC25534_RC25568_RC25551_RC25569_RC25546_RC25565_RC25545_RC25532_RC25529_RC25520_RC25524_RC25526_RC25519_RC25507_RC25525_RC25518_RC25482_RC25481_RC25476_RC25469_RC25462_RC25474_RC25475_RC25478_RC25466_RC25465_RC25460_RC25461_RC25459_RC25457_RC25454DSC_3921DSC_3919DSC_3935DSC_3931DSC_3933DSC_3902DSC_3915DSC_3913DSC_3926DSC_3918DSC_3903DSC_3908_RC25447_RC25432_RC25440-2_RC25442_RC25434-2_RC25442-2_RC25509_RC25557_RC25581_RC25597_RC25586_RC25598_RC25499_RC25496_RC25500DSC_4026DSC_4033DSC_3942DSC_3966

back to the roots

Josh Ahn. If you ever get the opportunity to meet him the first thing you’ll probably tell yourself is ” this dudes nuts “.  A few years ago he had the chance to move to Japan, to  drive drift cars,  through the mountains, and experience the Japanese culture. Every now and again we go out and having seen his driving multiple times I can confirm he is nuts. The balls and no fucks is one to be inspired by.  The Car was originally built by the infamous Chris Scremmin back in the day, which is a fully caged corolla ae86 chassis, S13 independent suspension in the back, s13 front suspension, and fitting with a 500hp capable sr20det that was completely rebuilt to take abuse. having ridden in the car numerous times and trying to get it tuned josh always goes off about how it’s slow right now but it’ll it still will ROAST the tires in 5th gear. The car is Dumb fast and I couldn’t imagine more power. I seen the car for the first time about 5-6 years ago and it always had the right look, so much character. It is far from perfect but it has the character that you couldn’t just create out of the box and I’ve always loved it for that. Can’t wait for the car to be fully tuned! a hotboi loves to PARTY.

Remember kids, there are local tracks. keep the fun on the track.DSC_3623DSC_3506DSC_3601DSC_3595DSC_3604DSC_3633DSC_3629DSC_3609DSC_3637DSC_3649DSC_3611DSC_3660DSC_3596DSC_3627DSC_3509DSC_3580DSC_3510DSC_3605DSC_3603DSC_3575

Daze of Disaster

Disasterdaze is a chopper/van camp that’s been happening for years and I’ve just never really had a license or a mean to go until this year and hands down one of the best experiences of my life, with the combination of amazing people, a sick location and choppers i couldn’t ask for a better weekend even with all the issuessss. Jos Ahn rode Stefs bike 30km with a flat, and stef rode it another 10 to make it to the ferry with minutes to spare! lifes fuckin great, go out and enjoy. DSC_3426DSC_3423DSC_3381DSC_3380DSC_3379DSC_3402DSC_3409DSC_3390DSC_3365DSC_3375DSC_3377DSC_3343DSC_3362DSC_3349DSC_3351DSC_3359DSC_3337DSC_3327DSC_3331DSC_3326DSC_3439DSC_3346DSC_3329DSC_3333DSC_3424DSC_3354DSC_3338DSC_3341DSC_3322DSC_3323DSC_3353DSC_3321

weekends are for fun

earlier in the week Shannon messaged me asking if i wanted to go see the DirtFish rally show and I was like ” well it’s my first weekend with nothing to do so sure” so we travelled south east of  seattle to go see an INSANE AMOUNT OF SUBARUS. which I mean was cool but completely subaru’d out for life bahahha. then went past the track on the way home and found some race cars! life’s always an adventure. DSC_3184-3DSC_3141DSC_3152DSC_3146DSC_3147DSC_3178DSC_3181DSC_3145DSC_3169DSC_3157DSC_3206DSC_3197DSC_3209DSC_3199DSC_3121DSC_3116DSC_3097DSC_3092DSC_3102DSC_3104DSC_3084DSC_3068DSC_3086DSC_3050DSC_3048DSC_3061DSC_3190DSC_3174

There’s always next time.

Well, where the hell do I start. Johno and I have been toying the idea of riding to Silverado California for about 2 months prior to the trip with two bikes laying there behind the shop begging for an overhaul. a few weeks go by and we bring the bikes into the shop and get started to lead to the the most intense 6 weeks I’ve lived. every day we’d come home from work and just thrash on these two bikes one being a 1954 and the other a 1981. both sat for forever and we didn’t know if they ran but didn’t even second guess completely rebuilding them and then fore taking an almost 5000km trip.

As much as I’d like to write paragraph after paragraph about all of the experiences I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary.  It’s not that it’s a blur, it’s not that I hated it.. it was absolutely Fantastic. And Although it wasn’t the trip I have been dreaming of it was a Family vacation that I wouldn’t trade for the world and secretly my dad has been dreaming of from the day that I was born. I am SO happy and beyond stoked on how this trip went, although we didn’t make it to BORN FREE 10 I wouldn’t change a thing. theirs always next year. My family is the best thing anyone could ask for. The journey was unbelievable.

when I was younger my dad would call with my uncle Mark from random places from all over and one we always remembered was “Windthrop” he’d go on a “3 hour tour” that ended up being a week trip of just the bikes, him and mark to experience the stuff you can’t just pull out of your ass and this trip lead to that. I have always admired my parents relationship and how my mom was always cool with pops just going on these trips with no second guessing or anything. We blew some tires, we slept under trucks, found some freaky graves, seen some dicks, broke some parts, met some cuties, ate the best Mexican food I have ever had and had the fucking trip of a life time.

hope these photos show some sense of clarity.

when all else hit the fan, there was ALWAYS good to follow, just keep your head up and let life do it’s thing.