Vacation of California

I had this idea of going down to California for winter as I really enjoy eating and they always have great food there so!  In late November I kind of mentioned to Johno saying fuck this Rain we should spend new years in California again as we both had the time off and he said fuck yeah, and I ran it past Riley and he said why not and James was like eh, it’s only a few days to take off considering all the stats in between so why the fuck not. so on December 26 we heading out for our California Vacation. kind of wanted to B line it to San Francisco but had to go shopping in Oregon for that TAX FREEE GOLD yo, so kind of took a bit longer to get down and wasted some time but who cares because we were on Vacation! eventually lead to san Fran then all the way down to Bakersfield where we fucking found snow, like what the absolute fuck. there was a shit ton to and I was NOT IMPRESSED to say the fucking least hahahah, so slept in some ghetto hotel there and got the fuck out of there in the morning to then get to Santa Cruz which is a fucking great place to go to if you ever hit the coast, we went to my absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in the entire world which i totes forgot to snap a photo of considering the weird place it is and then we made it somewhere else and did a shit load of driving and ended up in Barstow fucking California for new years because all the hotels went from 120$ a night to 400$…  which was hands down the shittiest place i’ve ever been to but met some people, heard some crazy stories, played some shitty fucking arcade bitch ass darts, p.s never fucking even attempt. if they don’t have a real dart board. get the fuck out of there. lmao hahhaa,  got a phone call around 10 i’d say asking where were we heading tomorrow and I was like uhhh north ? he said stop by Grange Motorsports park as it’s near you guys  and we’re already on our way! so Gladly stopped by there and spent way to much time there and completely put everything else off track but it was well worth it! met some great people, seen some unbelievable drifting and had a Grande ol’ time! haha, made our way through the mountains and then went to the lava caves in southern Oregon and made our way back a day early because we had so much motivation to fix our own stuff! hahaha, _RC21210_RC21186_RC21187_RC21205_RC21221_RC21228_RC21229_RC21240_RC21230_RC21196_RC21183_RC21188_RC21220_RC21216_RC21159_RC21253_RC21252_RC21251_RC21250_RC21258_RC21245_RC21266_RC21314_RC21311_RC21294_RC21290_RC21306_RC21293_RC21326_RC21327_RC21348_RC21366_RC21363_RC21362_RC21357_RC21320_RC21385_RC21371_RC21393_RC21394_RC21412_RC21427_RC21421_RC21407_RC21399_RC21431_RC21449_RC21459_RC21511_RC21509_RC21482_RC21514_RC21532_RC21527_RC21519_RC21548_RC21545_RC21625_RC21546_RC21644_RC21646_RC21642_RC21724_RC21823_RC21827_RC21911_RC21930_RC22053_RC22036_RC22022_RC21961_RC21948_RC21943_RC22275_RC22272_RC22290_RC22287_RC22288_RC22263_RC22311_RC22306_RC22305_RC22302_RC22308_RC22318_RC22321

blake doing things blake does

so a few weeks ago Blake messaged me asking if I could help him for a couple days to swap his Monte Carlo body onto his built Cutlass frame and mentioned I was off from the 19th of december to Jan 6th and said I could help in the earlier portion of the time off as I was going on vacation afterwords so there I went spending my vacation swapping bodies! haha we got quite far, got the monte to the shop, cutlass body off and a few other things before I had to leave but he got it done by Jan 4th! super proud of him and stoked!



noon high scrambled eggs

so this morning I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed, although I technically can only wake up on one side, the lack of sleep was real! I was not a happy camper even after I ate… BUUUTTT even when you’re not feeling well you STILL have to drag yourself out and do things! because it will be soooo worth it! like my day today. started off shit but still smiled by the end of it, and that’s something you have to constantly remind yourself through life. a little effort goes a long way! just have to push yourself! it’s worth it BUUUT now for the scrambled eggs hahaha, I REALLY THOUGHT I took more photos of people riding buuut I guess I failed and that’s why I don’t shooot for national geographic. but here are some photos of the high noon scramble!


for the love of friends

So last week was quite the week for me, it was tough in all places and I just wasn’t having any of it. from being way to overbooked of just buying a place and renovating it to setting up shop, trying to fix shit, and a whole bunch of other stuff on my plate that I was just WAY TO FULL to digest I kind of broke down and just had enough of it and couldn’t human and I was talking to Johno about it and he was like ill be at your place at 6, i’m like for what..? he replied ” just make sure you have your passport ” so i’m in my room kinda depressed and sad and Johno comes by drags my down ass out and we head south to ” get some parts ” shortly after the boarder I fall asleep and we wake up in a town just outside of Portland saying the parts are down here and we go to sleep for the night. i’m still kinda in like eh, I have lots of places to be, lots to do but wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So we wake up, go for coffee and head to this Van meet where eventually leads us to an hour and a half drive up a mountain to this van camp that the groups at, where I unfortunately didn’t take any photos haha but oh well. this isn’t the first time this has happened and it certainly won’t be the last but i’m so grateful to have friends like this that will go out of their way to get you out of your misery even if they know that you have other priorities and obligations to make, they just know whats best at times and he sure knew I needed a getaway as this week I feel a million times better!

hope yall are doin good! I’ll try to write more but eh, heres some photoosss



summer fun,

well, I guess me trying to make blogs post happen more often than not is harder than i anticipate as the amount of stuff I do in a day drains me so much and I just procrastinate until I get to a point where I have to just DO IT hahaha, BUTT I guess there will be a huge Photo bomb of all my summer fun and well lifes great, and I can’t really say much else. big news coming soon ahha

_RC29553_RC29338_RC29429_RC29592_RC29391_RC29233_RC29296_RC29238_RC29321_RC29331_RC28852_RC29004 - Copy_RC29146_RC29201DSC_5145DSC_5177DSC_5155DSC_5178_RC28545_RC28517DSC_5135DSC_5121_RC29587_RC29602_RC29605_RC29596

river of powell unfound.

well what can I say. this weekend was a well needed rest weekend as man, so much stuff has happened and I can’t express the amount of getaway I didn’t know I needed. having always gallivanting this was the first while where I hadn’t been on a vacation for more than a few months.. as you know me I tend to take more than 3 months off a year and well life has changed and due to other things i’ve been working my ass off for things to be said in the future! will be worth it,

but this weekend jordan and nate organised kind of an overnight getaway to powell river and what a beautiful trip. the people, the ride, the times. man. everything was great. it felt as if I were in california but we were only a few miles from home. i’m pretty sure the pictures will speak for themselves but hope yall had as much fun as I did! DSC_5043DSC_4776DSC_4813DSC_4849DSC_4861DSC_4883DSC_4795DSC_4886DSC_4857DSC_4851DSC_4894DSC_4965DSC_4910DSC_5014DSC_4984DSC_5015DSC_4962DSC_5027DSC_4938DSC_4960DSC_4970DSC_5048DSC_5029DSC_5050DSC_5034DSC_5052DSC_5057DSC_5093DSC_5063DSC_5073DSC_5074DSC_5058

mission of drifting.

well, it was the second or third time there was drifting at mission raceway park and man do I believe it was a success. without any expectations or knowing what was going on.. Riley and I ventured off to .. fucking mission ass farm land far far away to eventually hearing tires getting destroyed. we entered the raceway and man was I surprised. Lots of people, Lots of cars, and lots of seat time! I’m pretty stoked it’s summertime and fun things are happening again!


until next time bloooggg! _RC28416_RC28415_RC28409_RC28375_RC28308_RC28296_RC28288_RC28277_RC28267_RC28256_RC28255_RC28248_RC28243_RC28237_RC28234_RC28207_RC28204_RC28199_RC28195_RC28192_RC28186_RC28168

always up for an adventure.

Oh, what a night. Johno calls me around midnight Monday to say ” what ya doin tomorrow” all I reply is … Eh where are we going ? He says the island to pick up a transmission. I’m like I’ll hear the details tomorrow and well after I get home on Tuesday he picks me up and we set off to the island rushing to catch the 630 ferry but little did we know it had got cancelled leaving us to take the 730 ferry and HOPEFULLY make the last ferry back to make it to work the next day. So we go to drop off and arrival and johno pulls this dolly out of his van and we start walking me.. finally clicking in we’re going to walk onto the ferry to fucking get this transmission to 4×4 swap his van hahah. Oh what an adventure. With enough passion, and determination. Anything is possible when you look outside the box! Hope y’all are having a good week and remember when times are tough just keep on trucking! You’ll get over that mountain!



Gettin back on it,

So I’m not updating this site as much as I should and i’m starting to feel pretty shitty about it, always upgrading my instagram and trying to live life but always leaving my blog out. So i’m going to try and update it once a week, even though I might not think what i’m doing is exciting or special to someone else it might and hell, it’s one more commitment to add to the list of things I have to do anyways so eh, get back on it.

So a few weekends ago Riley, James and I went on a little day trip up to the Whitepost auto museum in Tappen B.C for the annual Swap meet and man. what a cool venue. lots of cool stuff that we just don’t have down in the mainland. some cheap stuff, some expensive stuff, some stuff that you just wouldn’t see. So it’s 2 am and  they come and pick me up and i’m a wreck. just having had eye surgery for an eye sliver earlier that day from a few days before i’m aching, hurting and just not loving life haha. but REMEMBER. it’s okay to be down! anyways we get to Tappen about 5-6 am and we go to where our table is and a HUGE gain to vending at a swap meet is you get FIRST DIBSSSS, so I walk over and guess what I see ? a fucking minibike. offer the dude some cash and he takes it and well now I have to find my own ride home hahhaa. as Riley and James were shaking there head ” the only thing we said was don’t buy anything big you fucking idiot ” hahahah .anyways I continued to buy a few more things and ventured to make our way home with a minibike strapped ontop of everything haha! _RC27927_RC27897_RC27917_RC27895_RC27899_RC27907_RC27900_RC27950_RC27941_RC27902_RC27898