saw of whipin’

So a few months ago before all this Covid-19 bullshit came along, a group of us were planning a trip up this unbelievable mountain called “Molybdenite Peak” Josh bought a Jeep Gladiator, I was trying to get my 74 bronco ready to go on this trip and a few days before cutting it quits we had gotten told that the only ferry to get across the water to the peak was shut-down by the natives so we kind of had to rethink of a new plan since we all had this week off to go on a trip that just got pretty much K-O’d!  Josh had seen a few videos of this other trail Riley had done in the past called ” whipsaw ” so having no real destination otherwise we kind of headed east instead of north and started our trek!

It had been a bit and I was kind of in a crunch for a vehicle, so the monday before hand I told myself if I didn’t have the bronco running and driving by the monday I wouldn’t take it as I didn’t want to be that dude that blew up because I half assed something stupid and held everyone up, So i kind of mentioned to my brother that I needed some new rims and or tire combo and later that day he had sent a set to me that weren’t the ” ones i wanted ” but ended up being the perfect ones i needed, went to the shop to mount some tires from the bronco onto the ranger rims and did a few more things and everything kind of fell into place with only a few hiccups!

The trail Whipsaw was pretty dam good! it’s a cool setup as ALMOST Everywhere has a bypass, and although there are some quite gnarly parts I personally feel the majority of it was pretty easy.. but who am I to say shit, I skipped about 4 things and 3 of which my truck was completely NOT able to even attempt haha but josh got through almost all of them! we had found a nice lake and stayed there for a few nights, got scared shitless from the assholes across the lake setting off bare scares and thinking theirs bears near at fucking THREE AM. for fuck sakes . ate way to much, slept quite a bit and unfortunately froze haha, everywhere had said it was going to be in the mid 30’s thinking this entire trip we were going to be swimming in the SUN  but with our luck, around 5000ft it ended up being 6-10*c and raining the entire time but with the right people we still had a good time!

it’s been a while since i’ve been adventuring but eh, lifes been a busy. next time ill try to take more photos haha, hope yuall are great and Enjoyy!



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