tour de’ grande le harriso’


so a few weeks ago Josh, Tonz and shawn kind of mentioned they wanted to hit up camping from Harrison to Boston Bar and I was like sure, I probably need a day or so away from society as I haven’t been away in a few months with this Covid 19 shit going on so came along Friday night, packed my bags and left REAL early Saturday morning. Me being me I really didn’t know the plan or anything, brought a tarp, a tent and a bunch of food, hopped into the truck with josh as I didn’t wanna do a few 100km’s alone and we hit the road! It being a long weekend we knew it was going to be a busy one but with the covid going on we were like eh, can’t be that bad but boy were we wrong. Every campsite and hidden beach we knew of were god dam jam packed and slowly our hopes went down, the weather wasn’t that great so we kind of wanted to set up camp before the rain started, so we continued to search, until Tony kind of went off this random path that none of us had been before and it kept going which was quite steep and found a beautiful dead end cliff road right before the beach where we were able to set up a beautiful camp! unfortunately i didn’t really get any other photos than my stupid small tent that I pack on my bike which I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW SMALL IT WAS. fucking idiot me, anyways Shawn made us a delicious dinner followed by the idea of smores but had some young drunk ass chick calling for help so we kind of forgot to eat them, dealt with that false alarm and then went to bed shortly after.

the next day we woke up quite early, Tony and Meghan made a bomb breakfast and we packed up and headed out, the road reminded me of an episode of the grand tour, and really gave me motivation to finish my dumb bronco so we can go on more trips together! haha, few hours later we had continued on and ended up in Pemberton. my stupid dumb ass didn’t read the group chat and clearly missed the memo but glad everything went as it did as I had a great time with Great people!

and that was my quite spontaneous weekend. hope yall had a great time and can’t wait for more!


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