24 hours of solo.

So I was bugging Maegan Thursday about finding a nice boy to take her out on a date and she was all like ” nahh gotta take yourself out every once in a while ” and I kind of jokingly said ” Well do I have to come over there and take you out for dinner, Go take my old truck out and have a nice picnic ” ( as Valentines day was Friday and i’m the furthest away from supporting it but eh ) and she replied ” well i’m pretty busy Friday with work, and then hosting an anti valentines day party and you should come!  and then we can go exploring on Saturday ” so needless to say. after work Friday I packed my bag, jumped on the ferry and made my ways to Vancouver island!

I tell ya. These are the situations I live for. Random adventures.  Take the signs the universe presents you and take advantage of them in the most positive way you can. I had an entire plan for this weekend but sometimes you have to say fuck it, and do some you. It was a much needed 24 hour trip that was full of excitement, laughter, good times and full of great people and im so So glad these opportunities arise!


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