Vacation of California

I had this idea of going down to California for winter as I really enjoy eating and they always have great food there so!  In late November I kind of mentioned to Johno saying fuck this Rain we should spend new years in California again as we both had the time off and he said fuck yeah, and I ran it past Riley and he said why not and James was like eh, it’s only a few days to take off considering all the stats in between so why the fuck not. so on December 26 we heading out for our California Vacation. kind of wanted to B line it to San Francisco but had to go shopping in Oregon for that TAX FREEE GOLD yo, so kind of took a bit longer to get down and wasted some time but who cares because we were on Vacation! eventually lead to san Fran then all the way down to Bakersfield where we fucking found snow, like what the absolute fuck. there was a shit ton to and I was NOT IMPRESSED to say the fucking least hahahah, so slept in some ghetto hotel there and got the fuck out of there in the morning to then get to Santa Cruz which is a fucking great place to go to if you ever hit the coast, we went to my absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in the entire world which i totes forgot to snap a photo of considering the weird place it is and then we made it somewhere else and did a shit load of driving and ended up in Barstow fucking California for new years because all the hotels went from 120$ a night to 400$…  which was hands down the shittiest place i’ve ever been to but met some people, heard some crazy stories, played some shitty fucking arcade bitch ass darts, p.s never fucking even attempt. if they don’t have a real dart board. get the fuck out of there. lmao hahhaa,  got a phone call around 10 i’d say asking where were we heading tomorrow and I was like uhhh north ? he said stop by Grange Motorsports park as it’s near you guys  and we’re already on our way! so Gladly stopped by there and spent way to much time there and completely put everything else off track but it was well worth it! met some great people, seen some unbelievable drifting and had a Grande ol’ time! haha, made our way through the mountains and then went to the lava caves in southern Oregon and made our way back a day early because we had so much motivation to fix our own stuff! hahaha, _RC21210_RC21186_RC21187_RC21205_RC21221_RC21228_RC21229_RC21240_RC21230_RC21196_RC21183_RC21188_RC21220_RC21216_RC21159_RC21253_RC21252_RC21251_RC21250_RC21258_RC21245_RC21266_RC21314_RC21311_RC21294_RC21290_RC21306_RC21293_RC21326_RC21327_RC21348_RC21366_RC21363_RC21362_RC21357_RC21320_RC21385_RC21371_RC21393_RC21394_RC21412_RC21427_RC21421_RC21407_RC21399_RC21431_RC21449_RC21459_RC21511_RC21509_RC21482_RC21514_RC21532_RC21527_RC21519_RC21548_RC21545_RC21625_RC21546_RC21644_RC21646_RC21642_RC21724_RC21823_RC21827_RC21911_RC21930_RC22053_RC22036_RC22022_RC21961_RC21948_RC21943_RC22275_RC22272_RC22290_RC22287_RC22288_RC22263_RC22311_RC22306_RC22305_RC22302_RC22308_RC22318_RC22321

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