river of powell unfound.

well what can I say. this weekend was a well needed rest weekend as man, so much stuff has happened and I can’t express the amount of getaway I didn’t know I needed. having always gallivanting this was the first while where I hadn’t been on a vacation for more than a few months.. as you know me I tend to take more than 3 months off a year and well life has changed and due to other things i’ve been working my ass off for things to be said in the future! will be worth it,

but this weekend jordan and nate organised kind of an overnight getaway to powell river and what a beautiful trip. the people, the ride, the times. man. everything was great. it felt as if I were in california but we were only a few miles from home. i’m pretty sure the pictures will speak for themselves but hope yall had as much fun as I did! DSC_5043DSC_4776DSC_4813DSC_4849DSC_4861DSC_4883DSC_4795DSC_4886DSC_4857DSC_4851DSC_4894DSC_4965DSC_4910DSC_5014DSC_4984DSC_5015DSC_4962DSC_5027DSC_4938DSC_4960DSC_4970DSC_5048DSC_5029DSC_5050DSC_5034DSC_5052DSC_5057DSC_5093DSC_5063DSC_5073DSC_5074DSC_5058

mission of drifting.

well, it was the second or third time there was drifting at mission raceway park and man do I believe it was a success. without any expectations or knowing what was going on.. Riley and I ventured off to .. fucking mission ass farm land far far away to eventually hearing tires getting destroyed. we entered the raceway and man was I surprised. Lots of people, Lots of cars, and lots of seat time! I’m pretty stoked it’s summertime and fun things are happening again!


until next time bloooggg! _RC28416_RC28415_RC28409_RC28375_RC28308_RC28296_RC28288_RC28277_RC28267_RC28256_RC28255_RC28248_RC28243_RC28237_RC28234_RC28207_RC28204_RC28199_RC28195_RC28192_RC28186_RC28168